The Acuity Family of Technologies

ClearValue's Acuity platform consists of several synergistic components in a scalable, enterprise architecture. These components provide end-to-end data exchange, process management, security, and business intelligence for the most forward-thinking vendor management organizations. Tired of Tinker Toy® technology? Read the sections below for more information on Acuity technologies.

+ What differentiates ClearValue and its platforms?

Modern organizations depend on the seamless exchange of data between trading partners. Most vendor management companies will receive orders, provide status, and deliver final products to their respective clients or vendors in automated, electronic fashion. Acuity's scalable, extensible framework for integrations inherently supports standards like RealEC, FNC, Ellie Mae, and others. It also provides for additional plug-in components that accommodate new data formats or provide new functionality, and supplies the requisite plumbing to reduce the complexity and cost in deploying new integrations.

The framework operates quietly in the background. No user knowledge or manual steps are performed to route messages to and from clients or vendors.

Acuity's workflow engine helps achieve greater operational productivity. Custom escalation procedures, special client requests, and innovative products often require custom workflow. Systems that can adapt to these changing criteria will drive greater flexibility and profitability. The engine is event driven, with rules, conditions, and operations that can be customized through an intuitive user interface. The engine supports plug-in extensions as well, enabling you to perform custom operations unique to your organization.

Various data sources can be configured for products, such as address verification, public record analysis, automated valuation, and quality control. Such data sources can feed report data, all of which can be configured through the Acuity interface and ClearValue's form editor. Accumulated data could also be used to drive workflow. Existing data sources include those from Collateral Analytics, CoreLogic, and Magellan. The framework can also be extended through a standard interface for plugging in additional sources.

Do you need to accommodate alternative valuations, property inspections, or other custom forms for your clients? ClearValue's forms framework provides an environment to design and deploy forms without a costly and complex software development process. New forms can be quickly designed, including automated calculations and validation rules, and made available to clients. Changes to forms can be quickly rolled out to satisfy client demand. Data can include any number of text, numeric, or date fields, pick lists, photographs, location maps, satellite views, and digital signatures.

You need reports to run your business. ClearValue's Sapience tool comes with standard operational and financial reports, and allows you to create your own, as well as charts, graphs, and dashboards. But that's just the beginning. Sapience allows you to query and manipulate data, extrapolating meaning to guide business strategy.

"It is of the highest importance‚Ķ to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital. Otherwise your energy and attention must be dissipated instead of being concentrated."   -- Sherlock Holmes, the Reigate Puzzle

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ClearValue maintains a national registry of mortgage service providers. Providers include appraisers, real estate professionals, property inspectors, notaries public, and title abstrators. Each provider maintains a profile containing licensing, coverage areas, services offered, fee schedules, insurannce coverage, and pertinent documents including IRS W-9 forms, proof of coverage, etc. Vendors can be tied to management companies, and the data synchronized automatically with the Acuity platform. The registry also has an integration with the Appraisal Subcommittee's National Registry at to maintain current licensing on residential appraisers.