What Differentiates ClearValue and its Acuity Platform?

Many of our consultants, technicians, and executives have come from the vendor management space. We don't merely provide technology, we offer problem solving consulting services that aim to help clients overcome business challenges and to achieve strategic objectives.

Large volume and demanding clients necessitate systems that can adapt. Acuity leverages an embedded workflow engine to help manage business processes. Most platforms force users into manual workarounds and paper pushing, leading to suboptimal productivity.

Acuity is an enterprise class platform, built for organizations that require stability, security, scalability, auditability, and extensibility. Whether you represent a large firm where these criteria are paramount, or you're just on your way to being one, Acuity is the smart choice.

Acuity helps increase your organization's productivity by directing operational attention to orders in greatest need of it. The system automates many tasks, then prioritizes and allocates work that requires human intervention. It doesn't merely highlight past due orders, but is proactive in managing products throughout their lifecycle.

Your business depends on access to data. Often you're looking to automate reports for yourself or your customers. The best companies, though, use business intelligence to derive meaningful insight and growth opportunities from that data. ClearValue's Sapience BI environment is targeted at those organizations.

The best vendor is the one with the greatest likelihood of performing well on a prospective assignment. ClearValue's comprehensive CHESS algorithm (Comparative Heuristic Evaluation and Suitability Score) helps predict vendor performance and rank vendors according to volumes of historical data.

Security is an increasingly important facet of contemporary business. Whether its defining security roles to grant access based on the rule of least privilege, or providing an infrastructure to support auditability or encryption of data at rest, Acuity is designed from the ground up with security in mind.

Acuity can incorporate analytics in the preparation of reports, as part of product workflow, or using third-party quality control offerings. Are you looking to populate a desktop valuation with appraiser-selected comparable properties from an AVM? Would you like to incorporate a risk profiler into your review process? It's all child's play.

Acuity keeps clients informed as orders progress. Whether you're servicing a client that receives updates via email, or a large enterprise that exchanges all information electronically, Acuity allows your operational teams to utilize the same workflow. Communication details are transparent to users.

Acuity employs an extensible integration framework to help your business communicate electronically. Integrations are provided for RealEC, FNC, Ellie Mae, Lending QB, and others. You can also build and deploy your own integrations, allowing the framework to supply the plumbing, to dramatically reduce the effort needed to integrate new platforms.

Acuity isn't just a fresh coat of paint on a tired platform approaching functional and technical obsolscence. It has been constructed from the beginning as a next-generation foundation upon which forward-thinking companies can base their operations.

Acuity's form engine allows you to design and deploy electronic forms in a fraction of the time required for traditional development models. Whether you're marketing BPOs and CMAs, appraiser-assisted AVMs, or property inspection forms you can quickly design forms, add automated calculations and validation rules, incorporate third-party data sources, and more.

ClearValue's vendor registry is your ideal solution for building or augmenting coverage of your vendor panel. You can recruit vendors that have history with vendor management companies. The vendors you recruit are for your private panel, not shared across numerous clients.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, technology costs must be controlled. You might think that a platform as rich and robust as Acuity would be beyond your means, but with flexible licensing structure it may be less than your're already paying.